Rules & Regulations

1. You must remain seated at all times unless instructed by driver/management.

2. All alcohol must stay within the confines of the vehicle. No alcohol is allowed to be given to someone that is not part of your group, or outside of the vehicle.

3. There is no jumping on or off at any time during the duration of your tour unless we are at a scheduled stop.

4. Screaming or yelling of foul or vulgar language is prohibited. This includes yelling at passing cars, other tour companies, and/or pedestrians. Please be respectful of other and children in the area.

5. No throwing objects out of the vehicle.

6. No strangers are allowed to board the Las Vegas Topless Tours vehicle once the tour begins. Do not invite someone to join your group if you don’t know them because they may ruin your fun time!

7. There is a scheduled stop during the tour for a bathroom break (15 minute stop). We operate on a designated route and we cannot stop or go off the designated route.

*Please understand we have these rules and regulations set for your safety and ours. We want you to have a great time and a memorable experience with Las Vegas Topless Tours, so please keep in mind we ask you to respect the rules. If for any reason someone decides to break any of the rules, we reserve the right to refuse service and reserve the right to cancel the tour early if the driver/management sees the need.