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    Fun for up to 12 people!
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    Choose either a 2, 3, or 4 hour tour

We are a pre-booked private scenic “booze cruise” tour of the Las Vegas Strip and downtown areas for groups up to 12 people.

All of our tours begin at the Super Liquors located at 3999 South Las Vegas Blvd, next to McDonald’s and across the street from Mandalay Bay Hotel. It’s a great location with plenty of parking, and the convenience of a quality liquor store where the group can purchase all alcohol for their tour.

Our tours are BYOB, and we supply the cooler, ice, and cups. And yes, we have music on-board the vessel. You can choose from our music playlist or bring your own.  Remember to bring your cell phone charger, we have 6 USB charging stations throughout the vessel so your battery will never go dead.

We will begin our scenic topless tour by cruising over to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign for a group photo. Once done we will re-board the vessel and cruise slowly north on Las Vegas Blvd while taking in all the sights to see along the way at approximately 10-12 knots (that’s 11-15 mph for those non boaters) all the way into the downtown and Fremont Street areas where we will dock the vessel for a short stop where we will take a pit stop for where you will have a chance to walk around, use the restroom, grab some refreshments and order some finger foods if you like at a local eatery nearby. This stop is only for approximately 15 minutes once ready we will then board back onto the vessel, pull anchor and do a quick cruise around the downtown area seeing the old Las Vegas. We will then head south on Las Vegas Blvd until we reach our original starting location where your cruise will come to an end.

You will see the entire strip in length, and the interaction with others outside the vessel will be priceless! It’s a lot of fun and will be an unforgettable experience!

Below are several choices of bars to stop at your half way point for a 15 minute pit stop:

Nacho Daddy
La Comida A Mexican Restaurant/Bar
Rick Harrison’s new tavern located in Pawn Plaza
Container Park